Set Time Limit for Hotspot Users

  —– Uptime table —– Without User manager ————————————- 7d 00:00:00 = 1 week 28d 00:00:00 = 1 month 365d 00:00:00 = 1 Year User manager ———————- 1m = 1 minute 1h = 1 hour 1d = 1 day 4w = 4 weeks (1 month) 4w3d = 4 weeks + 3 day 365d = 1 year

Prevent clients from accessing your router

It is common for administrators to think that their routers are safe because they have used a secure password. This may be true partially, “prevention is usually better than cure”, so it is important to prevent user from accessing your routers logon prompt. If your router gets compromised then your entire network is vulnerable and

Load balancing over multiple gateways

  Load balancing is the ability to balance traffic across two or more WAN links by using basic routing. When connections are initiated for session like Web, email, video streaming etc, the traffic is distributed over all WAN links. For example, if you have internet service from two ISPs 10Mbps and 5Mbps respectively, you will