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Prevent clients from accessing your router

It is common for administrators to think that their routers are safe because they have used a secure password. This may be true partially, “prevention is usually better than cure”, so it is important to prevent user from accessing your routers logon prompt. If your router gets compromised then your entire network is vulnerable and

How to Block Facebook

As social media use has risen, so has its abuse among employees. More than 70 percent of businesses have had to take disciplinary action against employees for misusing social media, and more than 80 percent of employers anticipate such misuse will become an even bigger issue in the future. There are different ways to block

Essential Firewall Filter Rules

Network firewalls keep outside threats away from sensitive data available inside the network. Whenever different networks are joined together, there is always a threat that someone from outside of your network will break into your LAN. Such break-ins may result in private data being stolen and distributed, valuable data being altered or destroyed, or entire